Axon® L

Axon® L

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At 59 inches long, Axon® L is ideal for full-body fitness routines at home and in the gym or clinic. 

Axon® L includes an on-board display that provides instructions as well as information about the applied force, the number of reps performed, and other data.  Thirty light-emitting diodes (LEDs) provide easy-to-see guidance and feedback as you work out.  A single button wakes Axon® L after it sleeps and allows you to clear workout data when you are ready to start a new set or exercise.

Axon® L comes ready to connect to our AxonFit™ mobile app, which plots reps as you perform them and also lets you define a rep and download it to Axon®.

Axon® L ships with a USB cable that allows you to recharge the built-in battery through the mini-USB port in the end cap using a standard wall charger. 

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