Use Axon®

Axon® is easy to use, either with or without the AxonFit™ mobile app (currently available only for iOS).
Check out the videos below to see a few exercises using Axon®.

Axon® Bulgarian Split Squat

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Axon® Lunging Lateral Push

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Axon® Wall Pull

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Axon® Lateral Lunge

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Axon® Floor (Vertical) Push

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Axon® Isometric Chest Fly

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Axon® 30-Day Workout Program

See for yourself how Axon® can improve your strength and fitness by doing the Axon® 30-Day Workout Program, designed by co-founder Justin Andrews.

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Axon® exercise library

AxonFit™ Mobile App

Axon Home Screen

Step 1: Connect to Axon®

Step 2: Define a Rep and Send it to Axon®

Axon Mobile Fit App

Step 3: See your strength™ in real time